Making a Presence on Google Maps

Though this article is discussing specifically law firm internet marketing and a law firm internet marketing plan, the lessons apply across the board to all businesses. What I’m trying to do here is help you get your law firm or your business ranking high in the Google places that shows up when you do an internet search (there are usually 10 on the first page of your search). It’s not rocket science, but there are definitely some things you can do to help yourself out.

1. Don’t Spam Your Google Local Page!

This is probably the biggest problem people have when they go to fill out their google local profile. Let’s say you’re a DUI lawyer or something like that. You are obviously going to let Google know that’s what you do, but you don’t have to or want to write DUI lawyer over and over in every possible place on the page. Google’s just going to think your spam and never let you into those top ten results. Effective marketing means providing information people can use. Let them know what you do and how you can help and that will be great.

2. But Don’t Leave Any Blank Spaces, Either.

If Google let’s you put something on your page, then by all means do it. Get five ways to describe your business? Use them all. Photos allowed? Post some photos. Videos allowed? Post some videos (if you don’t have a video go out and make one – it doesn’t have to be the next Oscar winner). The point is, the more information you give Google, the more they will like you, and the more they will like you over your competitors.

3. Link Back to Your Google Local Page.

When you create your Google Local page, it will have it’s own web address. Take that address and try to get some people to link back to you. The more links you have, just like with your other internet marketing efforts (website, blog, etc.) the more weight your local page will get, and the higher you’ll be on the results.

The great thing about the Google Local listings is this is something you can do yourself for free. It takes a little bit of time to fill everything out and search out those links, but once you get up there it only takes minimum maintenance to be right in front of people looking for you.